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Church in Anguilla and a “Tasty” Dinner

June 27 – Sunday

I cannot believe we are rounding out the final few days of our trip!  It doesn’t seem possible that we have been here for almost a month.  Now our parents, on the other hand, CAN believe that we have been gone for nearly 30 days and cannot wait to “put their hands on us” as my mom said!

We went to church for the first time since we have been in Anguilla.  We planned to visit once or twice, but we weren’t really sure which one to try and most that we passed had doors open (no AC) and the thought of putting on dress clothes in this heat was unbearable, but we finally made it.  We found one with AC -  No Walls Church of Hope. It was the top portion of a building, so not your typical looking church (and yes it had walls).  When we got there 5 minutes before 11, Sunday School was still going on in the sanctuary, so we got to hear a little of Sunday School.  Then the Children’s Sunday School group came out and told about what they had learned in their class, took their seats, and church began.

There were three women who started the worship time. The first couple songs were just voices and just drums…the keyboard wasn’t working.  They finally got it fixed and everything was full speed ahead! We knew nearly all the songs except the style of music and beat had more of a Caribbean feel to them.  We got some of the worship time on video so have a look.  During worship the Sunday School teacher came up and said a prayer for a sick woman from the church. After the worship service, there was prayer and then the preacher started.  Unfortunately, the normal pastor was out of town and they had a guest speaker – a very long winded woman that Josh said reminded him (looks, voice, and mannerisms) of Whoopi Goldberg.  She started in Ephesians 4 for about 30 minutes or so  before transitioning to 1 Corinthians 13 for another 30 minutes or so. About 1:15pm she was starting in Revelations and without any childrens’ classes the boys were getting very restless so we made our exit. Anyway, we are glad we went to church and got to see how their service compared to ours.

Another thing about Anguilla is that when we are asked what the boys’ names are and we tell them, 9 out of 10 say, “Oh, good Bible names!”  We have only had to tell a couple of people they were from the Bible, but everyone else knew.  It was refreshing to hear that.  Back home when we are asked what their names are, we are lucky to get the comment about Bible names 3 of of 10. The other times are either no comment or “Ezekiel – how did you get that name?” We explain it is from the Bible and the eyes sort of glaze over. Kind of disheartening. America is supposed to be a Christian nation yet we have to go the tiny island of Anguilla before people recognize “Ezekiel”, a significant Old Testament person and book of the Bible.

After church, we ate, then watched it rain some, then headed out west to Rendezvous Bay to escape the rain and enjoy the beach.  We swam for a couple of hours before the rain reappeared in the western part of the island. On the way back to the room we stopped at an Italian restaurant called Un Amore and ordered garlic knots and New York Style Pizza.  Yum was it good!  The garlic knots are just normal bread dough, but tied up in knots before baking. Then were tossed in olive oil and fresh garlic.  They were wonderful.  After pizza we hopped in the pool and Josh taught Shemar (a worker here) how to make dressed eggs.  She thought they were wonderful and really easy to make.  It was fun to show a little bit of something from back home.  Then we got cleaned up and went to bed.

Here are some sample clips from the church we visited:

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June 28 – Monday

We started the morning at the pool (since we had specific lunch plans).  Maria gave the boys a “special,” which is frozen kool-aid in a cup that is for $1 EC (which is about 37 cents) and of course they loved it.  The school kids were there, coming in shifts whenever they wanted since their school is basically right next door, and they were all having the “special” and watching the boys.  Gabriel really took to Maria and the “special.”  She helped him eat it and he got it all over his face.  He was her buddy after that, loving on her by giving kisses and hugs, and he even laid his head on her shoulder.  It was so sweet, she was melting!  She loved it!!!

After we swam in the pool for about an hour and told the school kids bye, we headed off to have some lunch at the English Rose.  They have an assortment of entries to choose from, but we were only interested in the cheese burgers and fries they have for $7.  It was a pretty good deal – our second burger this month.  After lunch, we stopped in a couple of shops and then headed to the beach.

We went back to the Viceroy Beach Club at Meads Bay and were not charged $10 again for the chairs and umbrella, however we still received the “royal treatment” of fresh towels spread on our chairs, an ice bucket with 3 bottles of water, and usage of sand toys for the boys.  I met one of the workers the last time we were there on Saturday, who really took a liking to the boys.  His name is Edwin and we talked quite a bit.  He asked what the boys names were and I told him and he said, “Oh good Bible names.  Gabriel – the Angel Gabriel.”  Then he asked if I was a Christian and I said I was and then I asked if he was.  He said that he used to be, but he isn’t walking the full Christian life right now, but would like to.  We began to talk some more about it and it was a really good talk.  So we saw him again Monday and he remembered us and took us on the Sports Boat so we could go snorkeling.  He took us to another part of Meads Bay where there are a lot of rocks, but also a lot of fish and sorts.  Josh stayed with the boys (he has really bad swimmers ear) while Edwin and I went snorkeling.  It was neat to go with him, because he knew his way around and saw a lot of fish that I had missed.  I took some video of the fish, but then it locked up on me and I couldn’t get it reset under water (have to take the battery out if that happens). Just at that time I saw a couple of really neat squid! I was so mad the camera wasn’t working at that moment.

Anyway, after snorkeling, we played on the beach and in the water.  We met a couple from Italy.  The husband is from Italy and only speaks Italian and a little bit of French and a little bit of English.  The wife is from Switzerland and speaks French, Italian, and English.  They have a 6 (almost 7) year old son who speaks French to his mom, Italian to his dad, and has just learned English this past year.  The mom was excited to have Ezekiel and her son playing together, forcing him to practice his English, which he doesn’t get to do much back home.  A little more about them is that they have 1 1/2 months vacation, so they spent a month in Las Vegas (they have been going every year for 11 years, so it’s like a second home), then 5 days in Angullia, then 5 days to Orlando, FL.  They were really interesting people and we really enjoyed talking with them.

After the beach, we hurried home, since it was already 7:20, and showered and got ready.  Maria took the boys for some ice cream  and then back to her house to play while Josh and I had a nice date out.  We don’t get many dates, so when she volunteered to take them out one night, then we were super excited to have the time to spend together.  They have some baby-sitting services on the island that we had considered using, but decided against it because they are total strangers. So when Maria offered we couldn’t pass it up. This may seem scary to you, but you have to be here to fully appreciate it. Maria has been running the place for 11 years and over the last month has treated us just like family.

So, Josh and I went to a place called Tasty’s!  And man was it tasty!!!  First of all, it was packed!  We have never been to a restaurant here where there were a lot of people dining in, so it was refreshing to see it full.  So, we asked for recommendations and we took one of them and it was so yummy.  Josh ordered the “Tasty’s 6″ which is a 6 course sample meal for $45. Sampler platters back home list what all you get. Not here. It is up the chef to decide what to make so you have no idea what you’ll be getting.  They did ask if there was anything we did not like or were allergic to. Since we were a little nervous, I ordered something safe, Grilled Teriyaki Chicken Breast with a mango chutney sauce served with rice & peas and then we split everything.  Our first thing was mahi mahi with eggplant that was compliments of the chef for the both of us. We watched the other tables and no one else was sent out anything compliments of the chef so I guess because we ordered the “Tasty’s 6″ we got the special treatment.

His first course was Lobster & Corn Bisque, which we are undecided if we really liked it or not.  Bisque is very rich and full of flavor – almost heavy. It was really different, but it was good.  I think I liked it more than Josh, but he said he has never been really wild about bisque.  The next course was a Warm Goat Cheese Salad with roasted marinated peppers and red onions.  It was really good.  Next was Tasty’s Sea Food Salad “the Chef’s Favourite”, including Sauteed crayfish, snapper, lobster, shrimp, Conch, & salmon with Tasty’s basil vinaigrette dressing (pictured at the right).  It was really good too.  The next two courses were entree type foods. First came Tasty’s Shrimp – sauteed in “yummy” coconut curry sauce & served with “Southern Mashed Potatoes.”  It was really yummy and I’m not fond of coconut either.  My chicken was brought out with this course. Next was Coconut Crusted Filet of Fish with lemon sauce and served with rice & peas.  Whew, it was so good too!  By this point, we were getting so full and we still had dessert.  We got to pick our dessert, either a Chocolate Mousse or Banana Creme Brulee, so we chose the Banana Creme Brulee and it was so yummy.  There was a delayed reaction of the banana with that first bite and then it was spectacular from the first yummy explosion until the last.  What an excellent meal!!  We are so glad we went there. As far as food goes, this and the Scilly Cay Caribbean Spiny Lobster were the highlights for sure!

So, we picked up the boys from Maria’s house after a quick tour of her home, and got them to bed.  Our dinner took over  2 hours, so we were trying to hurry as quickly as possible to get them to bed.  Anyway, it was a great day and a great night.

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