Video Tour of the Arawak

One note before starting this post: I’ve added photo galleries so make sure you check out the pages from the main blog menu. I’ll be updating throughout the trip. Back to business: I wanted to make a video tour of the Arawak for us to look back on with fond memories for years to come and decided to go ahead and share with everyone. Some of the commentary is a little hard to make out because of the wind. There is always a breeze here that makes the heat so much more bearable. When I get to our little blue house you cannot hear me at all. What I’m describing are all the conch shells Ezekiel decided to gather and line up on our porch. At last count I think we’re up to 25 or so. Because of the constant winds and breezes most places do not have air conditioning. The nicer 4 and 5 star resorts that cater to us spoiled Americans have AC. The small inn we are staying in does not. The last several days have been unusually humid so the inn keeper brought us a couple of floor fans from her home for us to use in our room. She is super nice and super helpful. It’s like a big extended family. I’ll have Shauna give an update of the happenings over the past several days sometime today or tomorrow.

After our video tour we all jumped in the pool so I added that video too making a total of 5 short videos below. Enjoy!

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2 Responses to “Video Tour of the Arawak”

  • Poppa D:

    It’s fun being able to share in your trip like this. You might be able to fashion some type of homemade wind screen for the camera to help reduce the wind noise. Put a sock over the mic or something.

    Zeke seems to having a lot of fun and Gabe is still wondering what’s going on and staying attached to his pacifier. Ha!

  • Ms. Lana:

    It looks like you all are having a ball. Thanks so much for including us less fortunate land locked people. I love watching your boys explore and experience new and fun things. Hold on to these times as long as you can.