We’ve arrived!

Hey everyone!

It was an impossibly long day, but we’ve arrived. I could not sleep at all last night thinking about everything and making sure all the ducks were in a row. I tried sleeping on both sides, back, stomach, with my head at the foot of the bed and finally fell asleep on the floor for about an hour before my alarm went off at 4am! We drug the boys out of bed at 5am and headed to the airport. We had a 1 hr flight from Lexington to Charlotte and then 4 hr flight to St Martin. Then a 20 min cab ride from the airport to the port after we cleared immigration and customs. Then we had a 30 minute wait for the ferry. Then we had a 20 min ride to Anguilla. Then we had to clear immigration and customs again. Then we had a 20 minute cab ride to our destination. We finally arrived almost 12 hours after leaving the house. Our boys did AMAZINGLY well on virtually no sleep. Ezekiel loved the airplane. He was sooo excited! Well, we are getting ready to hit the sack, but wanted to let everyone know we have arrived and our vacation is beginning! No internet in the room yet. Cable company is supposed to fix tomorrow (fingers crossed) so for now I have to come down to the restaurant or sit by the pool for wireless internet access.

Pictures and more coming soon!


3 Responses to “We’ve arrived!”

  • Poppa D:

    Hey it seems like you’ve already been gone a long time. It’s nice being able to connect with you by means of video calling over the internet. We can see and hear that way. All I know is you are sure going to feel better in a few days after getting a little more accustomed to things and settling in. Of course without air conditioning you’ll be sweating out a lot of toxins too. That will help you feel much better as well. I’m heading to a lunch meeting in Frankfort today about Lifeline Connection and Living Free. Catch you online again soon. Poppa D

  • Lisa Hanson:

    SO GLAD to see that all of you arrived SAFELY! I was thinking about you the whole day (on June 1st).

    LOVE the videos!

    Can’t wait to read more later.

    We miss you on our street already! :)

  • Kurt L:

    Great to see y’all have had safe travels! Look forward to pics!! :o )