From Dinner Theater to Sting Ray

June 24 – Thursday

We did a little pool time in the morning, ate lunch and then did a bit more shopping today hunting for those last minute things. Then we came back and got cleaned up for the dinner theater. Yes, a dinner theater in Anguilla! This was on the west end of the island at a nicer hotel. The buffet was $35/person and we, of course, brought our own food for the boys (even at half price Ezekiel & Gabriel combined don’t eat $17 worth, let alone each).  The buffet had salad with thyme dressing, potato salad, a sweet cole slaw with raisins, black bean soups. eggplant parmesan, mahi mahi, stewed conch,  BBQ chicken & ribs, steamed veggies, fried plantains, and probably other stuff I’m forgetting.

There was some music during dinner and then the singers/dancers came out to perform as things were settling down. This was the” Mayoumba Folkoric Theatre” – first and oldest on the island having started in 1972. Some of the original members are still with the group. The lighting was really dim so the video quality isn’t the best. The guy in the middle would do a brief narration that introduced the next song. It was really neat the boys enjoyed it too!

Here are 5 video clips from the theater:

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June 25 – Friday

We spent a little time back at Shoal Bay East today, one of our favorite beaches on the island before it clouded up and started to thunder and some lightening. Thinking it probably wasn’t a good idea to be in the water during a storm we packed up, stopped at the grocery, and went back to the room to make dinner.

June 26 – Saturday

We headed out pretty early today and went to the Viceroy Beach club on Meads Bay. This is probably our other favorite beach on the island. They were short-staffed so we didn’t get to go sailing or snorkeling. Just normal beach day with the added complimentary waters. I met a couple from North Carolina, who luckily were not basketball fans so we got along OK. :) They were staying at the Viceroy hotel for 4 nights @ $2300! Craziness to pay all the money for flights and only get to stay 4 nights and pay that much for the hotel.I also met several couples from Puerto Rico, but didn’t talk much.

While in the water the group from Puerto Rico was situated a little up the beach from us. I saw all the women run out of the water in a hurry and all the guys  looking down into the water. I hollered to ask what they were looking at and they said a sting ray. I called Shauna over after it made it down to where we were and had her keep an eye on it while I ran to get our camera. Shauna had also filmed some birds diving into the water for fish.

Here are the video of animals we saw.

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