Our Home Away From Home – Arawak Beach Inn

Arawak Beach While in Anguilla we will be staying at the Arawak Beach Inn. You can see the property in the distance. They have 8 duplexes (top/bottom) and a single unit.
View from the Ocean In this view you can see all 8 units plus if you look very closely to the right you can see the rooftop and blue paint of the single unit in front of and between the 2nd and 3rd units from the right. This single unit is the one we will be staying in.
A bedroom Here is a picture of the inside of a room. Ours will have a king size 4-post bed like the one pictured here.
Scilly Cay This is Scilly Cay – a stone’s throw off the island from where we are staying. Essentially a small mound of sand. They have one building there that is a restaurant. You go down to the dock, wave your hand and they send a boat over to get you. They serve freshly caught, grilled lobster and salads (No electricity).

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