Who is Crazy – Us or Them?

June 18 – Friday

Well it was our first rainy day since we have been on Anguilla, so not much to tell about our day.  We just stayed in the room, watched some movies, Gabriel slept, ate our lunch, then went out shopping and out to eat.  We went to Roy’s Bayside Grill, which has an early-bird special on Fridays for $14. We both got Fish & Chips and they also had chicken curry and steak kabobs.  After dinner we went to an ice cream shop and all four of us got a different flavor – Ezekiel got chocolate, Gabriel got banana, I got Black Raspberry Cheesecake, and Josh got Pastashio and Butter Pecan.  We stopped at a local grocery we heard sold locally-made hot sauce and found a basketball court beside it. So we decided to sit and watch and the boys really enjoyed watching them. However, Josh said they weren’t going to get any college scholarships – we saw maybe 3 or 4 shots made the whole time we watched.

Now here are some funny things since we have been here that people have commented on or we’ve seen.

  1. School kids come to the Arawak regularly to get pizza by the slice and every Wednesday have a special menu. Several girls have asked me if I cut my hair.  They were asking why I liked short hair and not long hair.  I asked them if they cut their hair and one little girl said no.  Then another day one of the adults asked me if I cut my hair. I asked the adult if no one cuts their hair in Anguilla and she said that some do, but most don’t. The fact that I only have shoulder-length hair seems to fascinate the locals.
  2. Another funny thing is that when Ezekiel chews gum, people comment about it.  They ask him what he’s chewing on and he says gum and they are like really.  He is chewing gum?  He likes gum?  Wow!  Apparently gum isn’t for little kids here.
  3. People also ask where we are from and we tell them Kentucky.  They are like “I don’t think we’ve ever had anyone from Kentucky here before.”  And “I didn’t think anyone from Kentucky would ever come here.” Or one said, “Where is Kentucky – close to Floriday?” Josh explained it is about a 10-12 hour drive from Kentucky to various parts of Florida so when it only takes 30 minutes to drive across the entire country here then no, Kentucky is not close to Florida. And the best for last, “Oh, Kentucky Fried Chicken, yes, I know.”
  4. There are also crazy, crazy drivers here.  Of course they drive on the left, so that is different, but once you get used to it, it’s no big deal.  But they drive so fast and if you’re not driving fast enough, they will pass you. The strange thing is the passing technique – they honk their horn and go around you.  Guess that is good so you know they are coming. In general the driving seems very aggressive and without many rules. People will pull over to talk to someone or stop at a shop and they are still half-way in the lane. Everyone just waits for a gap in the oncoming traffic and buzzes around them so that’s what we do too. Many times these cars seemingly parked half-way off the road will decide to keep driving and they pull out right in front of you.  So if you’re not paying attention, then you can get yourself in trouble.  You have to be quick on the brakes. On our way home last night, a guy was driving across the center line in our lane (maybe a foreigner because the locals all stay in the proper lane) and almost side-swipped us. Josh got over as far as he could without hitting the fence on his side and we probably missed by inches. Not 30 seconds later these 3 kids on bicycles darted out from a side street right in front of us and Josh slammed on the breaks to keep from hitting them.  I thought I was going to pee my pants and Josh thought he had a heart attack.  If that one car got in our lane as the 3 boys were there, it would have been a choice between hitting the car head on or running over the kids on bikes. Thank God nothing happened. As a general rule though, driving has been very safe, just odd.
  5. Another weird thing is that the speed limit signs are all in miles per hour, however the spedometer is in kilometers per hour.

We have met some more people since we have been here.  A couple on their honeymoon from Texas.  A couple from Brazil.  A couple from Rome, Italy.  A girl who lives here from the Phillipines.  And a family that is from Texas whose grandparents have a house in Anguilla and have had the house since the 1970′s.  I’m sure we will meet more people in our remaining days.  It is really neat to meet so many people from so many different places and to hear their experiences and different languages.

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