Boys Are Getting Bolder

June 11 – Friday

Friday was a completely lazy beach day for us. We tried to do a ride on the Glass Bottom boat to see fish, turtles, reefs, etc., but the travel guide we had said $20/ea and kids free. We got there and it was $40/ea and kids free for a short 30-40 minute ride. I tried to negotiate with the boat owner and he said he’d take $40 now and come get the other $40 from us at the Arawak the next day. Well, that is still $80 so that wasn’t any help.

Instead we rented snorkeling gear for $12 and Shauna and I had a blast snorkeling while the boys had fun in the sand and are getting bolder and bolder with the water. We got tons of snorkeling video that I’ll have to work through and find the best ones to put up.

We’ve also been working with Ezekiel in the pool. He’s now out of the inner tube and only wearing his arm swimmies. I had him hold onto the ladder and practice holding his breath under the water. Then I moved him away from the ladder by about a foot or so and let go of him and he doggy paddled back to the ladder. Until yesterday he’s wanted us to catch him when he jumped into the water so his head wouldn’t go under. After holding his breath by the ladder he decided he was ready. He jumped in with only the arm swimmies, without being caught, went under the water, resurfaced and doggy paddled to the ladder without any assistance. He’s come so far in less than two weeks!

For now, here are a couple of videos of the boys getting more comfortable with the water. Remember the one early on in our trip where I said, Who’s chasing who – and had Ezekiel running back and forth with the waves. Well, Gabriel was doing that exact same thing yesterday and we caught it on video! Ezekiel ventured out deeper into the water, up to his neck at times with the waves. One time he got knocked off his feet and couldn’t touch. He rotated around belly down and chin up like he’s been doing in the pool. He looked up at me with surprise and a tiny bit of fear. I made a paddling motion with my hands and he started paddling like in the pool and rode the wave back into where he could touch. I was so proud! Of course, I could have reached down and grabbed him if he was in serious trouble, but decided in that split second to see how he handled it and he did great! We stayed at the beach until 5pm, headed back to get cooled off in the pool and then cooked dinner in the room.

Anyway, here are a few videos including a sample of the Wednesday night acoustic guitar here at the Arawak.

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One Response to “Boys Are Getting Bolder”

  • This is really fun watching the boys grow more accustomed to beach life. How will they ever adjust when they get home. Loved that hand stand Zeke did too. Can’t wait to show that to Cameryn. Glad everyone is having a good time. I was going to mow your yard this afternoon but it was up in the mid 90′s so I scratched that idea for now.