Rendezvous Bay Beach And Videos

June 8 – Tuesday

The boys and I slept in until about 8:30 or 9 this morning, then Josh fixed pancakes for breakfast.  Then we headed off for Cuisinart Resort & Spa for the tour of the hydroponic farm (greenhouse).  Josh has put more details of the tour in the photos.  During the tour, I had to keep the noisy, playful, active boys away from the rest of the group so that everyone could hear what the tour guide was saying, so I missed a lot of what was said.  Anyhow, they gave us samples of cherry tomatoes and they were delicious.  Delicious enough that Gabriel ate 5.  He ate three right away and then was getting restless, so I went back and plucked 2 more off the vine to give him.  He loved them.

After the tour we had a nice picnic lunch under the trees on the grass.  The boys loved the picnic.  Ezekiel liked following the lizards around too and trying to catch them.  He is bound and determined to catch one.  Speaking of lizards we have found 2 lizards in our room so far (leave the door open except while sleeping).  I moved a suitcase close to Ezekiel’s bed and it jumped off and started running around.  Luckily Josh got 2 glasses and caught it (see photos “Around the Arawak).  Then another one was in my book after we got back to our room yesterday.  It was a tiny one and I closed the cover a little so I could show the boys on the porch and set it free, but I squished it and killed it.  Whoops.

Back on task . . . after our picnic we went to the beach down by the resort and were told you need a day pass in order to use the chairs and umbrellas.  We expected so since most chairs & umbrellas are for rent, but we have lucked out so far and not been charged anywhere. Not so here. We decided to just try somewhere else on the same beach, Rendezvous Bay, instead of having to pay.  Out of curiosity I asked how much the chairs and umbrellas were at the resort.  For a half day pass it was $200!  $200!  Are they out of their mind???  Who on earth would do that?  So we went just a little further down the beach and got the chairs for free – no umbrella needed because they were shaded by the coconut trees.  They had signs that they were for $5, but no one came to collect, so we got them for free.  How nice.  So, after a day of fun in the sun on the beach and in the water, we went to a couple of grocery stores, dipped in the pool, showered, and made marinara pasta and garlic bed.  We were worn out, so we all got to bed early.  What a good day.  It rained for about 5 minutes during the night, just like another night, but so far, no rain during the day.  HA for those of you wishing for us to have rain 20/30 days!

A little housekeeping – if you have seen our photos recently please check out all the categories, we’ve added a handful of new ones to each category and added one new category – Cuisinart Resort & Spa. If you have looked at photos recently then you can check out the new category and new ones this morning in beaches and exploring.

Here are some videos from our adventures over the past several days including Crocus Bay Beach, Rendezvous Bay Beach and a special performance of “She’ll Be Comin’ ‘Round the Mountain”. Josh tried making the videos a little higher quality, but the trade off means a larger file size and larger load times (don’t ask me). He said there is a 10 second buffer before each video will start to play. I’ve found it works best to click on the title, wait for it to start and click on the next title, wait for it to start, and keep going to the end. Then start over at the beginning and watch them all.

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