Crocus Bay Beach

June 7 – Monday

Gabriel was woken up by the bright sun shining on his face before 6:30, so I wheeled his crib into the bathroom where it is quiet and quite a bit darker.  He slept for another hour or so and then took two more naps before we got to leave for the day – a nap after breakfast and a nap after lunch – so we had a late start.  In the morning, we sat outside on the porch and watched the birds dive for fish.  It was so neat to watch them soar over the water, looking for fish, and then dive into the water.  Then they would just float on the water for a while so they could eat or just relax.  The boys got a kick out of it.  Ezekiel and I went to the pool, which was delightful, during Gabriel’s nap after lunch.

We decided to go to a new beach called Crocus Bay Beach.  It was really easy to find and there was a store there and a couple of restaurants.  The store called Why Knot was featured in some magazines and some Anguilla books as a must-see shop since their product was the most original Caribbean piece on the island.  I got a top that can be worn 6 different ways and seems really easy to wear.  It was really neat.  Then we hoped into the water.  There were chairs and umbrellas for rent, but if you ate at the restaurant, you got them for free.  However since it was way past lunch and they were getting ready to close, we got to use them for free.  Monday was a new day for Gabriel.  He LOVED the sand!!  YIPPEE!!  He sat right down in it and started playing in it.  It was really hot sand, but neither of the boys seemed to mind.  They just used their buckets and shovels and sand molds and had a great time.  Of course they got our chairs all sandy as well, but that’s alright.

The bad thing about the water here was that it had a lot of rocks in the water until you get to a certain point and then it’s okay.  I wore my sandals in the water, but then you get rocks in your sandals and that hurts just as much.  So once you are in, it’s fine, but getting in and out is a pain, literally!  While I was in the water, their was the little fish that kept following me around everywhere I went.  I tried shaking him off by splashing a bunch, dunking myself under the water, swimming away – everything – but I could not shake that fish . . . until Josh came into the water!  I finally got rid of it, for a while, as it went to Josh.  He didn’t want it around him for fear it would go up his trunks and stay or nibble on him!  HA!  We laughed so much about this little, tiny, harmless fish that would not leave us alone.  We tried to ignore it, but couldn’t.  The little guy finally left us alone when this huge school of fish came charging at us, running right into our legs, and swimming as fast as they could.  We screamed and laughed and got out of there!  It was hilarious!  We got back in a while later and no fish were around this time.

So, we packed up, headed back, showered, got dressed for dinner, and went to The Ferryboat Inn for dinner.  We were wanting a good, juicy burger for dinner and have read that they have the best burgers on the island.  So we both got an 8 oz burger with cheese and mushrooms and it was wonderful!  The boys just ate chicken salad and crackers and our french fries.  Monday was such a wonderful day!

I also wanted to remind everyone about the pictures. Just go to photos tab in the menu and several categories will drop down. We will be adding pictures to these categories throughout the month so just because you don’t see a new category doesn’t mean there are not new pictures.  In fact, Josh has added several pictures to each category every night from that day’s adventures.

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  • I love reading about your vacation! That was sooo funny about the fishes!! haha It’s so wonderful that you are recording each day. When you look back at the trip, it’s the things like laughing at the fish that you love but end up forgetting if it’s not recorded. Love it! Can’t wait until your next post!! =)